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Massage Services


30 minute target session

Enjoy 30 focused minutes on the areas of specific concern. 

60 minute massage 

An entire hour devoted to your relaxation. A combination of techniques is used including swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point, and much more.

90 minute massage

Get the best of both worlds while you experience genuine results during this deeply relaxing massage.

Hot Stone Treatment (60 minutes)

Treat yourself to the ultimate in deep relaxation. The nurturing warmth of these stones will quickly melt away stress and tension.






Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Therapy

By equalizing tension in the muscles, thereby realigning the bones, pain is relieved. This modality integrates a variety of techniques allowing you to actively participate in your own healing process.

Recommended for those with:

•TMJD  •Plantar Fasciitis  •Knee Pain  •Low Back/Hip Pain
•Upper Back/Neck Pain  •Scoliosis  •Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  •Frozen Shoulder
•Tension Headaches. •Whiplash


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