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What People Say

Senior Woman

Betsy Lombard

"Amy's in-depth knowledge and intuition combined with her non-judgmental attitude has helped me in so many ways, physically and personally. Trained in Pilates, massage, nutrition, mediation, NLP and exercise science, she is an unusually capable and observant coach. Her bodywork is the perfect complement to her coaching!"

Happy Portrait

Maren M

"Amy saved my a**! Literally!

I was in aggravating sciatic pain and nothing I was doing helped. She worked on me and gave me exercises to do (and not to do) and it worked like a charm. She also went out of her way to make it happen in the time frame I needed. I highly recommend her!! Amazing healer."

Smiling Man

Corey C

"Amy is a really awesome body worker. She has a wealth of knowledge of proper posture and movement, as well as of the spine and back. I had a significant back injury a couple years ago, and Amy has truly taken care of me and helped me with pain management at some pretty crucial times. It's an added bonus that she is super kind too!"

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